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This is again because of the karma we do on a daily basis.

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A person may be due for an accident, but if the same person feeds a hungry dog on that particular day, the accident could be averted, or atleast, the accident may happen, but with least damage to the person. The pariharams suggested by the astrologer aim at this kind of karma-killing. Change your karma by doing good to others. Speak positively to people in distress. Help needy people, pray to God to destroy your karma.

And if you believe in God, pray to Hanuman especially on Saturdays. This made me to think. I dont blame anyone for this incident as it was my carelessness which happened to my daughter. I am happy with what i have and i have everything but sometimes i feel i dont have anything.

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Generally in my life whenever negative things happened i know it before itself may be an hour or a day and my concentration will be there only. Dont say that i have seen these things in movie. Actually me and my hubby also have the Sani dasa now but we do not think of the things that go wrong. If u keep thinking about it, then you will feel whatever happens is bcos of that. Everything will be fine soon. Astrology basically is founded on assumptions, most of which are baseless. There are no scientific backings for any of these assumptions and in fact are against proven scientific truths.

With the advent of the science of Astronomy, false assumptions and wrong notions under the astronomical beliefs were proved baseless, just like alchemy was proved wrong with the development of chemistry. The Quran has decreed against man claiming knowledge of future or in unseen matters, which are akin to the practice of astrology. Man is responsible for all his actions and cannot blame anybody else, including the sun , moon,and stars for the conquences of his actions. But astrology does not take cognizance of these planets and still lives in the bygone age. As the like nature of celestial objects, the planets are well established as merely material.

It is quite absurd to attach to them human qualities like goodness, badness, evilness, will, anger etc. Perhaps astrology fulfills our intrinsic craving to know about the future. We have a strong desire to believe in something. Having a feeling of knowing something of the future mitigates our feeling of loneliness and helplessness. I believe in all the positives they predict about us.. You posted what you felt like. And this is a right place to write and share too. Do not feel sorry as you have mentioned in one of replies. We are here to share and we are happy doing so.

Hey touchwood… we too are blessed with three sani at home now. But in all good and bad days, have always felt the presence of God with us and have that HOPE so strongly that he would hold us and save from any obstacles…. Wud like to clarify some misconceptions u have on astrology. Astrology is not based on assumptions, as u think. It is all based on sceintifc calculations only and Rishis in the past have written their predictions based on mathematical calculations of the planets.

They did not base their predictions on their assumtions ,as you think.

Excerpts from An Article about Sri Seshadri Swamigal in Dilip Magazine(July-Sept 2010)

In Hindu mythology everything is backed by sceitific reasons. So please correct your outlook of astrology. As others have pointed out, astrology has become a trade today.

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But traditional astrology is definitely based on mathematicla calculations only. I belive in Astrology to an extent as my grandfather who is no more was a great astrologer. He predicted my date of marriage and the issues for me in marriage and the second delivery would be a C Section and even the time of bith etc.

Even he had instructed through somebody to stop my marriage after my engagement was over and unfortunately that message reached us after my marriage, due to some family conflicts with my mother and her brother. But as per his predictions my life was ruined till 4 years of marriage.

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After that we rejoined lived seperately from my inlaws and now agin with living with them. These are all due to the status of the planets when we were born and these have real effect in each ones life. I also have met that Sesashdri at alamelumangapuram. He is ust making maoney and wants to do pooja at his place only. And each is too costly and traveling from here is too far. Yes, the argument can go on and on.

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But sometimes not knowing about all this is better, then we can take our own steps to solve problems. Of course faith in GOD gives us the inner strength to cope with problems. Hope u r out frm all u ruines now…if im not hurting u can u suggest me a very good astrologer in ur expeirence.. Unfortunately he is no more now. Community Forums astrology. My suggestion is perfer to go for amman temple… Have a happy life sanjota. Genuine astrologer in Bangalore Astrology is the study of planets. By following Astrology it will change your difficult life to a happy life Good astrologer in Bangalore.

Genuine astrologer in Chennai Astrology is the study of planets. Genuine astrologer in Mumbai Astrology is the study of planets. Genuine Vastu in Hyderabad Vastu Astrology is the study of planets. Good astrologer in Mumbai Astrology is the study of planets. Log In. Keep me signed in. Hi moms, This is a very long term question I had in my mind. Let me know ur thoughts about this Rajju….

They are as follows : Portion.

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Mirgasira, Chitra, Dhanishta. Adada Anu… I dint know you had talents in this field tooooo..!! I jus dont believe.. I jus live life as it comes….. In marriages, mana porutham is the important thing. Hi friends Do u all believe in astrology? I believe to some extent but not fully. Bhavani, I think what you are referring to is Nadi Joshiyam which is written by sages some million years ago. Vaidehi can u help me in this regard and were do u stay.

Can someone suggest a good astrologer, mainly for horoscope matching for weddings?

You need to get an appointment first before visting him Mr. No black grains and no black Cloth. Luck, Smita. Thanks everyone. Thanks guys Deepa. Hey girls! Coz Iam not exposed to this, just wanted to know, in what way will this affect a person.